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PureHydration was founded, as many ideas and solutions are, from necessity. We too were consumers who were growing concerned about the use of disposable plastic water bottles after seeing our recycling bin over flowing and understanding their lasting effect on the environment. We also have a small child who was consistently drinking from plastic cups, and we were concerned about the constant exposure to hazardous chemicals like BPA.


As any parent would do, we conducted research to see what products were on the market that could replace our use of plastic. We thought our solution had been discovered one day when a friend recommended a stainless steel bottle. We set out to purchase one of these small child size stainless steel bottles from a local retailer, and after handing over what seemed like a large sum of money for such a small bottle we were on our way. The next day I packed my daughters lunch complete with her new bottle and sent her off to school. I could hardly wait for my daughter to return home from school to get her thoughts on the new bottle. Much to my disappointment she did not like the bottle stating it was too cold to hold on to while she drank. I removed the bottle from her lunch bag and discovered that she did actually drink half of the bottles contents, or so I thought. To my continued disappointment the bottle was half empty as it had leaked all over her lunch bag.


So the search continued to find a bottle that would not transfer the temperature to the outside of the bottle, would not leak, and was reasonably priced. The search lasted for some time without any real success. So instead of continuing to search we decided to source a bottle that filled all of our needs, which is where we are today. Please have a look around our site and see what we feel is the best solution to your BPA free hydration bottle needs.


Using a reusable container and water from your house is safer water, since bottled water is not required to meet the same standards as municipal water, meaning you don't know what you're getting.


Stainless Steel is also safer since it does not contain harmful chemicals, such as BPA (bisphenol A - an endocrine disruptor linked to cancer, neurological issues, diabetes, reproductive issues and more).  PureHydration uses the highest quality of Stainless Steel to ensure your safety and improve your drinking experience.


Of all the materials available to make water bottles Stainless Steel is the best option. Put simply Stainless steel lasts longer. It is durable, and won't wear out over time.


Plastic wears out and is bad for the environment. Aluminum is not a healthy choice and should not be used for food or drink. Glass breaks and does not keep temperature for long.



PureHydration bottles are designed with a wide mouth opening making it easy to clean. The best way to clean your water bottle is with warm, soapy water and a soft bottle brush as often as needed.

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