Woodway Bamboo FAQ

 What is WoodWay bamboo cup made of? 

The WoodWay bamboo cup material is constantly evolving and is continuously improving. Main ingredients are bamboo fibre and corn starch. Non-GMO Corn starch is added because of the outstanding production specifications. Food safe pigment are added and pressed in a mould under high pressure and heat. The corn powder and coating, provide a smooth surface and fine texture. The flexible material is made of a silicone containing no plasticizers, safe for food and the most environmentally friendly of its kind at the moment. WoodWay bamboo cup is a modern raw material that meets the latest European standards.


Is WoodWay bamboo cup food-safe? 

Yes, we have an "EU Food Safe Certificate" (Europe).

Possible migration of melamine and formaldehyde is in accordance with EU laws and regulations. This is reflected in the tests SGS and National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food. Both we passed it successfully.


The product is not smooth. Is that right? 

Yes, WoodWay bamboo cup is made of natural materials which all behave differently during

production. Dots, white flakes and small colour differences on the product are also included. That makes WoodWay bamboo cup so natural.



Where do the ingredients of WoodWay bamboo cup come from? 

Bamboo is common in Asia and is cultivated on a large scale in China. Because bamboo fiber is the main component of the our collection we manufacture our products in China.


Is the WOODWAY BAMBOO CUP leak proof? 

The advantage of our WoodWay Bamboo Cup over others is that it is completely tight due to the impermeable bamboo cap and the additional silicone closure. However we do not recommend to carry the cup in your bag.


Can I use WOODWAY BAMBOO CUP for other drinks?

Yes. WoodWay Bamboo Cup is made for all types of drinks, both cold and hot. 

Does WOODWAY BAMBOO CUP leave the taste?

No. WoodWay Bamboo Cup is made from organic bamboo fibres, does not contain BPA or petrochemicals and does not leave the taste. 

How many times can I use the WOODWAY BAMBOO CUP?

Countless times! WoodWay Bamboo Cup is reusable and can be used for years. When the cup does not serve you anymore, you can simply throw it away. Because it is made of completely natural materials it’s biodegradable and harmless to the environment.


Are bamboo and corn grown organically? 

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and is harvested after 3-5 years. This rapid growth has a minimal impact on the environment. The bamboo is cut with a official cutting license of the government. There is no use of pesticides. The ingredient corn is grown in the same manner as food crop. There is thus limited use of pesticides, but it is not (yet) organically grown. The corn component however is only a small part of the ingredients.


Is WoodWay bamboo cup biodegradable? 

The main components of WoodWay bamboo cup are vegetable and can therefore digest. When the material comes into contact with enzymes, it will decompose after a period of time. Bamboo & Corn powder will soon disappear.


How long does this degradation process take?

 With normal use, the WoodWay bamboo cup does not break. Only when it comes into contact with certain enzymes (say, below ground) the digestion will start. This process takes around 12 to 24 months.


Is WoodWay bamboo cup compostable?

 In most countries organic waste processing prescribes that this waste may only decompose a couple of weeks. WoodWay bamboo cup requires a longer time for this, and is, just like nutshells. 


What can I use WoodWay bamboo cup for? 

The WoodWay bamboo cup are suitable for everyday use and can be compared with products made of ceramic or melamine. It also has the same strength.


Is WoodWay bamboo cup suitable for hot liquids? 

WoodWay bamboo cup is suitable for hot liquids at high temperature for example in tea or coffee. 


Is WoodWay bamboo cup unbreakable?

 WoodWay bamboo cup are not unbreakable. It will not shatter like ceramic or glass, but if it

drops on the ground , a chip or crack may occur.


Is WoodWay bamboo cup sensitive to discoloration (from coffee, tea, herbs)? 

The surface has a coating that repels dyes. Nevertheless, we recommend to clean the product immediately after use of strong colours and flavors. If a coffee cup does have a discoloration, it will disappear again after a hot wash (dishwasher).


Can WoodWay bamboo cup be put in the dishwasher? 

WoodWay bamboo cup behaves well in a domestic dishwasher.



Can WoodWay bamboo cup be put in the microwave / oven? 

No, WoodWay bamboo cup can’t be put in a microwave, oven, steam oven or grill.


Can WoodWay bamboo cup in freezer?

 We do not recommend to store the WoodWay bamboo cup for more than two hours at minus 20 degrees Celsius.


How does WoodWay bamboo cup behave over time? 

Due to the natural materials, there is a tolerance in size. Also, the product deforms very slightly over time. This has no effect on the use. The products keep getting more beautiful over the course of time. You can enjoy WoodWay bamboo cup for many years!


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